Couples Counseling is Worth It. Here Are 5 Ways It Can Help

Wouldn’t it be nice if life was like the movies and relationships were “happily ever after”?  That would be easier, and less work. But the reality is that real relationships in real life come complete with joy and love and mess and responsibility and sometimes pain. Honestly, that’s what makes real relationships amazing. I work with couples who want to have a deeper bond and lasting connection. Relationships are important to me. They’re important to everyone. That’s a biological fact of being human. We are a social species and hard-wired to attach to others. It’s why relationships can produce so much joy and it’s why they can trigger other deep emotional responses as well. Relationships take a lot of work and effort. But we don’t always make relationships a true priority. Why should we bother working on relationships? Because when you     . . . read more