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3 Ways to Make Your Working Mom Life Better Right Now

I’m in a meeting with my colleague in my home office (more accurately coined the “cloffice,” closet/office) and despite the noise-canceling air pods, I can hear both the distinct sound of fussing, turning to yelling as well as the oh-so-pleasant “music” from a recorder. Two kids, two ways to create total havoc.  I would say most days of remote learning crescendo into a loud meltdown right around 2pm. Whomever the parent in charge is at that moment certainly has their hands full, but being in a work meeting at the time is also no picnic.  Never has my life been so chaotic. Usually the stresses of work don’t mix with the stresses of home. But here they are, one big jumbled mess.  It’s exhausting and a bit embarrassing. But there are so many of us right in the thick of

  • “Hannah is solid, very intelligent, and seems to have endless amounts of emotional resilience for her clients.”

    — Abigail, South Portland, Maine —
  • “I left feeling like I had a ‘bag of tools’ to access and felt a sense of empowerment and support.”

    — S., Windham, Maine —
  • “I feel healthier, taller, and truer to myself since starting EMDR.”

    — H., Portland, Maine —
  • “I am still shocked that all of that worry has been lifted. All thanks to Hannah!

    — S.D. —
  • “The work I’ve done with Hannah has been a game changer in my day to day life.”

    — A.M. —
  • “Hannah has been an unwavering source of inspiration and encouragement that has allowed me to discover and be my best self. I feel that anyone would benefit from the guidance she has to offer.”

    — Melissa E. —