In-Person or Teletherapy

We offer in-person therapy or teletherapy services to adult individuals and couples. Gain the skills, insights, and tools to navigate the challenges of today, while building resilience and clarity for the future.

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Workshops and Groups

We offer programs for individuals, organizations, and employers to prevent burnout, increase support, and improve emotional health in the workplace.

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Learn and Connect with Others

New Approaches supports values-driven leaders with tangible solutions to create positive change in the here-and-now, while also planning proactively for the future.

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Who are we?

New Approaches is an emotional health and wellness practice based in Falmouth and Brunswick, Maine, and on the web state-wide (and beyond).

We are passionate about helping you be your best self because we believe healthy, resilient people build happy families, communities, workplaces, and societies.

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Let’s Get Started!

We offer in-person sessions in Falmouth and Brunswick, Maine, and teletherapy sessions and workshops state-wide (and beyond) for adults and employers. Get started or reach out with your questions today!

Hannah Curtis, LCSW & Founder

New Approaches offices in Falmouth and Brunswick, Maine

Our Stories of Success

— Abigail, South Portland, Maine —

“Hannah is solid, very intelligent, and seems to have endless amounts of emotional resilience for her clients.”

— anonymous —

“Molly is a safe, stable sounding board, but so much more. Her wisdom helps reduce my anxiety and come up with action steps.”

— S., Windham, Maine —

“I left feeling like I had a ‘bag of tools’ to access and felt a sense of empowerment and support.”

— H., Portland, Maine —

“I feel healthier, taller, and truer to myself since starting EMDR.”

— A.M. —

“The work I’ve done with Hannah has been a game changer in my day to day life.”

— S.D. —

“I am still shocked that all of that worry has been lifted. All thanks to Hannah!”

— Melissa E. —

“Hannah has been an unwavering source of inspiration and encouragement that has allowed me to discover and be my best self. I feel that anyone would benefit from the guidance she has to offer.”