Hannah Curtis, LCSW

The work I do as a facilitator, consultant, and therapist is inspired by my belief that emotional health can lift up individuals and buoy everyone and every organization.

When you invest in your emotional wellbeing, you are making a contribution to all the people in your life.

Over the years, I have worked with many compassionate people – educators, healthcare workers, social workers and more, and I have learned that giving of yourself is only sustained through clear focus and established boundaries.

I have witnessed (and experienced myself) that to be fulfilled as a giving person is to know how to use your voice and power to amplify your impact as a force for positive change.

For “givers”, making a difference truly matters to our wellbeing, but staying focused and setting boundaries is not part of our professional training.

That’s why I’ve become laser-focused on developing and teaching the most effective ways to use skills like boundaries, communication, advocacy, and strategy to prevent burnout, boost confidence, and amplify impact. This allows you to feel both healthy and fulfilled. I created the Beat Burnout Program to show you what this looks like, step-by-step, in your normal everyday personal and work life.

I received my undergraduate degree at Bowdoin College and my Masters of Social Work degree at the University of Michigan. I’ve spent the last 19 years honing my skills as a therapist and having the privilege of being on life-changing journeys with dozens and dozens of people. During this time, New Approaches, a company I started in 2010, has grown to include a team of top-notch therapists who are now, in turn, supporting hundreds of amazing clients. I’m in awe of how far we have come.

To expand the ways we learn and connect with one another, I’m focused exclusively on facilitating discussion groups, leading the Compassionate Leaders Program and Beat Burnout Workshop, engaging in Strategic Coaching and Consulting with organizational leaders, and developing more Work Wellness workshops and content, and writing articles for our blog. I’m no longer accepting new therapy clients.

I stay anchored by my own love of exercise and most especially by my wonderful, supportive family.