Jennifer Maeverde, LCPC

I have immediate openings for adult individuals in-person in our Falmouth office (on Tuesdays) or via teletherapy (Wednesdays and Thursdays)! Email us and our intake worker will get back to you right away.

New opportunities for learning, growth, and healing are created when there is space to reflect upon and explore your life. I appreciate being able to co-create this space for curiosity and inquiry with you.

To me, wellness is about embracing life as a journey. As humans, we have the unique ability to experience the entire continuum of emotional responses from pain to pleasure and everything in between. This ebb and flow of life experience can be our guide through transformation. My work is to support you on your particular path and the ups and downs that are an inevitable part of your process.

To this journey together, I bring my formal education and training in humanistic theory and practice with neurosomatic mindfulness techniques, along with my study in transpersonal psychology.

I have also studied wisdom traditions and the healing traditions of reiki, qi gong, interpersonal neurobiology, among others. In my work, I draw upon these traditions, as well as my training in traumatic incident reduction (TIR) practices and Polyvagal theory. I use these to support you in addressing experiences of trauma and to enhance the ways in which you are resilient.

The more you are attuned to the wisdom you hold, the more you become aware of the deep connections available to you. Being grounded in these connections, intimacy across all dimensions within ourselves and our relationships.