About Us

New Approaches is comprised of a team of highly experienced, licensed therapists. We are here to support you on your journey to sustained emotional health. Reach out to the therapist you want to work with, or email us for support in finding an available match at [email protected].

Hannah Curtis, LCSW

Meredith McCabe, LCSW

Leah Ottow, LCSW

Caroline Plimpton, LCSW

Kate Roberge, LCSW

Kate Roberge, LCSW

Molly Young, LCSW

Molly Young, LCSW

Getting Started

​Starting therapy can feel intimidating but we are here to help! Check out our step-by-step guide to getting started in therapy and begin your journey with confidence.

Our Stories of Success

— Abigail, South Portland, Maine —

“Hannah is solid, very intelligent, and seems to have endless amounts of emotional resilience for her clients.”

— S., Windham, Maine —

“I left feeling like I had a ‘bag of tools’ to access and felt a sense of empowerment and support.”

— H., Portland, Maine —

“I feel healthier, taller, and truer to myself since starting EMDR.”

— S.D. —

“I am still shocked that all of that worry has been lifted. All thanks to Hannah!”

— A.M. —

“The work I’ve done with Hannah has been a game changer in my day to day life.”

— Melissa E. —

“Hannah has been an unwavering source of inspiration and encouragement that has allowed me to discover and be my best self. I feel that anyone would benefit from the guidance she has to offer.”