Work Wellness

Work Wellness

Programs for individuals, organizations, and employers to prevent burnout, increase support, and improve emotional health in the workplace.

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Sustaining Work Wellness

Our effective, engaging, and highly popular signature program full of lasting strategies for sustaining a wellness-focus to work and life. 

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Healthy People, Healthy Culture

A live, interactive 90 minute program for burnout awareness and prevention.

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Self-Worth at Work Group

A facilitated discussion group to increase confidence and sense of self at work.

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Savvy companies and organizations are investing in staff retention and satisfaction. 

At New Approaches, we partner with your organization to support staff in feeling fulfilled and successful.

Specializing in the non-profits, healthcare, social service agencies, and education sectors, we use our rich knowledge and group facilitation skills to our engaging and energizing programs.

We work with staff and leadership to use burnout prevention strategies that yields a top-notch work culture.

Organizations must have a healthy, energized staff to do impactful work.

We can help you find your way to a workplace culture that sustains and promotes wellness.

Whether you are looking to invest in our signature program, Sustaining Work Wellness, want our 90 minute program Healthy People, Healthy Culture to bring to your annual meeting, interested in leadership coaching, or want a stress-management group program, we have work wellness solutions for your organization.

Hannah Curtis, LCSW is available talk to you about your organization’s needs. We still have room for our 2022 calendar but planning ahead for these programs is essential. Email Hannah today to get started!

Work Wellness

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Sustaining Work Wellness

The Sustaining Work Wellness program is available for organizations and employers who are serious about walking the walk – not just talking the talk – when it comes to employee satisfaction and emotional health.

The program includes four modules on topics ranging from understanding and identifying burnout; sustaining and renewing energy; overcoming common patterns of people-pleasing, perfectionism, and self-neglect; learning appropriate ways to set and communicate boundaries at work; and acquiring the skill set to engage in help-seeking.

“I gained an appreciation for what I like about my work & the importance of valuing myself enough to set limits & communicate my work needs.”

– Recent participant

The program is designed to be interactive and allows for real personal and professional growth to take place. The Sustaining Work Wellness program also provides a lasting action plan for change.

Want to Learn More?

Interested in learning more about whether the Sustaining Work Wellness Program is right for your organization? Contact Hannah to schedule a time to chat.

“I’ve been trying to think critically about the expectations I set myself, and bring them back into a realm of reality. These were not things I was doing before the program.”

– participant

Perfect for events like annual meetings or school-wide staff professional development days, this 90 minute interactive workshop focuses on increasing awareness of burnout within individuals and teams, strengths-based resources for intentionally addressing and preventing burnout, and clarity around ways to preserve energy even in demanding jobs.

Participants will leave with:

  • A clear understanding of burnout, and how they experience it personally
  • An ability to identify early signs that they are starting to feel burned out
  • An individualized action plan with strategies to buffer against burnout
  • Clarity on what exactly drains their energy
  • Being grounded in their role and purpose within the organization

Healthy People, Healthy Cultures is a perfect place to start the conversation about burnout prevention and work wellness. Organizations that complete Healthy People, Healthy Culture have the option to go on to participate in Self-Worth Strategies and Effective Boundaries and Communication at Work in the future. 

Email Hannah to find out about bringing this program to your organization.

Healthy People, Healthy Culture

Hannah challenges us in an engaging and worthwhile way to think differently about our beliefs and stories. She gives us thoughtful ideas and questions for contemplation always with relevant resources at the ready.

Self-Worth at Work

This dynamic 6 session facilitated discussion group focuses on building skills and mindsets that help get to the root of self-worth challenges around work.

A sense of not being “good enough” is a common experience in our culture, particularly at work, causing a sense of unworthiness or imposter syndrome.

Too often employees are struggling with this feeling alone. This increases isolation and distress. Talking about this normal experience with others can positively empower people and create a safe and supportive workplace.

Bring your organization to the next level by lifting up your people with this profound program.

Email Hannah to find out how to bring this group to your organization.

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