New Approaches offers individual and couples therapy for adults ages 18 and older, in person at our offices in Falmouth and Brunswick, and via teletherapy throughout Maine.

As a practice of experienced therapists, we can help you sort through life challenges like anxiety, depression, work stress, life transitions, family dynamics, parenting, illness, grief and loss, couple’s issues, and trauma.

New tools, fresh perspectives, and a therapist on your team, can help bring clarity and hope to your situation.

Molly Young, LCSW offers EMDR, a type of therapy that enables you to reprocess past experiences and traumas, so that they are less impactful and distressing in the present. Learn more about EMDR and Molly

For individual therapy, we accept some insurances, including MaineHealth Aetna Plans, Community Health Options, and US Family Health Plan (please note that we are no longer able to accept Anthem/BlueCross). Many clients use out-of-network benefits, health savings cards, or self-pay. Sessions range from $135-$175. A little overwhelmed? Read our step-by-step guide to starting therapy

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy


Arammu Relationship Checkup

New Approaches is the only Maine practice offering this innovative couples service. The checkup is a strengths-based approach to amplifying your love and resilience. The checkup helps couples engage their concerns with compassion and care. The impact is powerful and joyous.

The Relationship Checkup is clinically proven effective. It is an evidenced-based protocol that has been show to be more effective than 12 couples therapy sessions. This is preventative care that is recommended annually for relationships.

Couples are given a questionnaire to fill out individually. They then come together for two sessions with a couples therapist (in-person or virtually). The first session focuses on the strengths and the concerns and the second session focuses on recommendations for nourishing the relationship. 

This proactive, high impact service is just $299. 


Couples Therapy

We are now accepting new couples in-person in our Falmouth office, as well as virtually. Couples therapy at New Approaches is strongly informed by the Gottman approach to couples work. 

At New Approaches, we consider the couple to be the “client” and therefore we do not bill health insurance. Couples work in our practice is about growing and strengthening relationships, so we do not provide a mental health diagnosis that is required for insurance billing. Couples sessions are 75 minutes each and cost $190 per session.