Leah Ottow, LCSW

The work I do with individuals and couples is guided by my belief that connection is a source of strength and healing as we navigate life’s challenges. Though the journey can be challenging and energy-consuming, the outcomes are exponentially rewarding.

I work with wonderful clients dealing with anxiety, depression, life transitions, and relationship struggles. I provide a safe space for you to share your vulnerabilities within our therapeutic relationship. With guided support, and the curiosity to find your inner strength, I help you forge ahead on the path to growth and healing.

In couples counseling, facing and sharing your vulnerabilities is facilitated between the members of the couple, and the path to growth and healing happens between you. The results are powerful.

My couples counseling work is based on the Gottman Method, and I have been inspired by couples’ capacity for rekindling connection and finding meaningful and productive ways to improve communication skills and increase their love and bond.

I value greatly the connections made with clients, the honor of witnessing their growth and change, and the process of helping people work through the most difficult parts of being human. And I believe that the work that is done in individual therapy or couples counseling creates a strong foundation of health and wellbeing, which positively impacts families, workplaces, and communities.

It has been an honor to work for New Approaches since 2015. I am proud of the quality of our therapists, the mission of our practice, and the courage and dedication of our clients. I am currently accepting new clients for couples counseling.

When I’m not working, I stay centered thanks to the support of my wonderful, intelligent, and “big-picture” oriented husband and our school-age son and daughter, who provide endless creativity, humor, and curiosity to our days. Also, I enjoy soaking in nature’s beauty and baking when I get the opportunity!