Assertiveness is…

caring about a situation, cause, one’s self, or a relationship enough to speak or take action when needed.

preserving one’s integrity, duty, connection, or worth.

well-intentioned words or actions for the benefit of truth, justice, fairness, safety, well-being, or connectedness.

exercising a human right to set and maintain boundaries, which are the basis of healthy, functional relationships.

a respectful exchange of words, ideas, or actions that leads to a productive outcome.

validating the feelings of all involved even when there is discord and disagreement.

using skillful communication to motivate others to listen and respond appropriately.

In short, assertiveness is a way of communicating that allows us to have authentic, connected relationships and a thoughtful, effective response to disagreement, discord, difficulty, and disregard.


Want to learn more about assertiveness? The Women’s Mini-Workshop on Assertiveness is this Thursday the 18th from 2:30-4pm at my office (203 Anderson Street, Portland) and costs $30. Please email me at [email protected] for questions or to sign up.


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