Beat Burnout Videos

In these short videos, Hannah Curtis, LCSW, gives an overview of burnout, how to identify it, and what to do about it—including skills, scripts, and tips you can start using today.

Beat Burnout

If you are hard-working but know burnout is real and costing you too much emotionally and physically, this video is for you.

Clarity and Intention

An important early step to beating burnout is clarifying your roles and intention.

Defining Own Your Success

How often are you trying to achieve something outside of your control? Be in charge of how you feel about yourself and your work.

Skills, Scripts, and Tips

Get the skills, scripts, and tips to beat burnout.

Are you prone to caring and giving so much that there is nothing left for yourself? Have you become exhausted by your job, sometimes to the point of daily dread? Is it difficult to figure out what to do, leaving you feeling powerless?

If you said yes to any of these, this workshop is likely the jumpstart you need.

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