Do You Need to Be Right?

Arnoud999-Right-or-wrong-5The motivation is clear: it can feel so good, so powerful to be “right.”

But is it really worth it? What do you gain?

The truth is: you can pursue being right but at the cost of being unhappy.

Basically, if you approach conversations, dialogue, or arguments with the intention to “win” or “be right” you are playing a lonely game.

How we interact with others is not a sport. You can’t win, but you can certainly lose the relationship.

Every interaction is a chance to connect or disconnect, to step towards understanding or discord.

If you treat your interactions as a chance to “one up” another person, you are fundamentally missing the point. You will continue to create disconnection- even if you feel you have “won.”

You have to decide what’s actually important- do you want to be right or do you want to be happily connected?



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