Easy Stress Relievers

Stress is a very normal part of our everyday lives. Probably everyone except especially pampered pets are subjected to some amount of stress. So becoming skilled at finding ways to knock it down a notch or two is incredibly important. We all know that chronic stress is terrible for our physical and emotional health. In the interest of your health, I’ve brainstormed some fun and easy ways to cope more effectively. Please share your ideas as well!

  1. Notice topics of interest and allow yourself some time to nurture these interests. It could be reading crime mysteries, watching documentaries on ancient cultures, or bird-watching. Having something that’s just for you because you like it is healthy!
  2. Laugh. I don’t care if you have to YouTube a funny video of a talking dog. Find something to laugh at and you’ll feel better fast.
  3. Make fun of yourself. Getting too serious is very stressful. Think of how your favorite SNL actor might portray you in a sketch. My sister is always very good at doing unattractive impressions of me. It’s good to get this perspective because its funny and enlightening.
  4. Be in the sunlight. Even if its sitting in your car at lunch time, see if being in the sunlight helps. In Maine we really need to enjoy every bit of it we can!
  5. Stories. Tell a story, listen to a story, read a story. Nothing gives us perspective and helps us to see the world anew like a good tale.
  6. Snuggle with your overly pampered pet. There is research out there to support this suggestion, I’m sure of it.



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