Emotional “Weight Lifting”

There’s a new gym near where I live. I’m feeling inspired by watching the very fit people walking in and out. Lately, I’ve considered hiring a personal trainer to help me out. I want to sleep better, have more energy, and be a little stronger. These seem like reasonable goals, right?

A very astute person said to me recently that therapy is like personal training: its something you do to be more fit and well, not something you do because you are unwell or somehow lacking. I think this is a great comparison. It’s perfectly wise to hire a professional to help with your physical fitness. It’s similarly prudent to hire a professional to improve your emotional and interpersonal well being. Yes, there is some hard work involved, but with support and encouragement improvement is very attainable.

Fall is a new beginning. If you have a goal related to your wellness, it might be a perfect time to work on it. Whether you want to have closer relationships, a more productive way of coping with stress, or a way out of an unhelpful rut, therapy might be your ticket to feeling better. The question is not “do I need to go to therapy?” so much as “will this help me with a goal that’s important to me?”


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