Freedom is NOT:
pushing down real feelings
a stubborn refusal to talk about what’s really going on
looking to appearances and perfection to give you worth
striving for accomplishment to give your life meaning
expecting so much of others that they can’t possibly fulfill your needs
pretending things are easy and fine
trying with everything you do to show you are deserving
seeing every attempt that falls short as a failure










Freedom IS:
learning to tolerate the full range of human emotion
opening up to cherished loved ones in times of joy and in need
believing in the inherent worth of each person (including yourself)
using appearances as self expression
connecting with others, yourself, and nature to give your life meaning
following your passions to fulfill your needs
being real about what’s up in your life
looking to contribute positively in the world in ways that work for you
a stance of curiosity, experimentation, and play



  1. Hannah

    Thanks, Jennifer! I just re-posted a piece on curiosity from the archives on Facebook. I think it is an important concept. I also have a guest piece coming up on curiosity by a my esteemed colleague, Bonnie Dunn, LCSW. I’m looking forward to that! Hope your holiday was enjoyable as well!

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