Know “NO.” Change Your Life.

What happens when you learn why it’s better to say “no” when that’s the honest answer? What happens when you are clear on how to say “no” effectively? What happens when you have a “no” for all occasions?

Participants of the last workshop on the Positive Power of “NO” are the best people to tell you what you gain from learning “NO”: hannahs-ability-to-think-on-her-feet-and-help-us-work-through-real-life-examples-was-priceless-2

You will understand how saying a dishonest “yes” robs you of time, energy, and joy. It will give you a specific game plan and new skill set to be able to get your joy and freedom back.


You will deeply understand that no IS nice, and saying it clearly and kindly improves relationships. This will give you more confidence in yourself.


You will have a whole new language for saying “no” in every situation. These “no’s” are sincere and compassionate, but absolutely clearly a “NO.” No more being frozen without words. You have your “no’s” ready and in your back pocket.


You will see and hear how to say “no” in real-world situations. Hearing these examples helps you feel confident that “no” is an option, that it can be said with respect and compassion, and it’s actually easier than you thought.

Ready to know “no”? YES! SIGN ME UP!

Wednesday, October 19th from 5:30-8:30pm

at Soul Arts Wellness (59 B India Street, Portland, ME)

Hurry, early registration discounts end 10/5/16 and space is limited!

Hannah CurtisHannah Curtis is the founder of Effectively Frank™, a program that teaches the art of clearly and simply speaking your truth, by giving you the language to say the things that need to be said. Hannah believes we are all better people when we speak from a place of honesty and clarity. She also runs a therapy private practice, New Approaches, in Portland, Maine. The mission of New Approaches is to provide the skills and perspectives to help people cope, grow, and thrive during times of change, challenge, and transition. She has a special interest in working with helping professionals. 


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