Motivation and Change: Are You Ready and Able?

photoThis is a series on motivation and change. You can catch up with the first and second posts, which I recommend.

When you decide that some change you have been contemplating is “worth it,” the next step is to decide if you are ready.

You are ready if you both want to and can devote at least some of your resources to the project.

If I want to start painting my shed, I at least need some paint, a paintbrush, and an afternoon.

I also need to know how to paint.

The next question is: Do you know how to make this change?

The bigger the project, the more important that you really consider this question. It might be okay to just experiment painting the shed. But if I’m going to town on the entire house, I might really want to be sure I know what I’m doing.

I guess I’m a fan of “expert” advice. Before I paint, I at least get some tutorials from the paint guy at Home Depot and watch a YouTube video or two.

How big is your project? How important is it that you get the right information? What happens if you try to make a change but in your ignorance do damage?

If you are working on your body, your relationships…you know, things that involve your most precious assets, you really need to be sure you are well-informed.

Before you make a change, really use your critical thinking cap. Look for information and guidance that is based on expert knowledge and that makes sense. Look for sources you trust. Look for the information to add up across multiple sources.

Remember, the foundation of any successful change process is quality information and guidance.

This is not a step to be skipped!

Next up: finding strong motivators to build and sustain life-change.


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