Olympic-sized Inspiration

I love the Olympics. I remember as a child first understanding what the Olympic games were all about: triumph, perseverance, hard work, excellence, focus, and dedication. It was probably the first sense of awe I ever experienced. There is so much about what it means to be a human and our seemingly limitless potential that is represented in this epic event.

The Olympics serve as a source of inspiration. I know I will never be an athlete of that caliber. Still, it is hopeful and electrifying to think, “if they can do that, what can I do?” The world feels bigger and more exciting when I’m witnessing such amazing feats.

We all have something of significance to contribute to this world. The challenge is to continue over time to remember this fact. The Olympics are a symbol of the greatness within each of us.

After these Olympic games are done, I want to continue to find sources of inspiration that will keep me dreaming. Inspiration ignites creativity and is the antithesis of stagnation. I’m going to remember to get a steady dose of inspiration from art, music, stories, jokes, conversations, performances, nature and every other kind of wonder out there in the world.

Where do you find your inspiration?  


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