Waiting for the Right Time?

IMG_1429I stopped blogging a few months ago to pursue what turned out to be a fairly involved personal project: baby #2. She arrived just before Thanksgiving and has brought a joyful chaos with her.

I started wanting to write again a few weeks back, but there was always stuff to do. I kept thinking: maybe I’ll write when my laundry pile is gone. Or my paperwork pile. Or when I’ve slept through a night.

So here’s my blog post. I must be doing great, accomplishing those thing, right? NOPE. Not even close. I’ve got lots of piles and minimal connected sleep.

The truth is I’m not going to have everything done. There is no immediate future involving all things cleanly squared away while I sit down to write.

So here I stand (literally I’m standing), dishes in the sink, laundry in a pile, baby resting on me in her Ergo, writing some words.

I don’t think we can wait for some imaginary scenario when we suddenly have time and energy. If something is important- you need to figure out how to do it now.

You make time by putting important things first. You get energy by doing meaningful activities.

What are you waiting on? Are you setting up barriers that keep you stuck?

Maybe you need to go for it. One small step at a time.


    • Hannah

      Thanks, Edna. I appreciate the feedback!

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