What Could You Gain by Becoming Effectively Frank™?

effectivelyfrankphotoWhat if you had the ability to say with clarity, kindness, and confidence the things you really need to say?

How would your life be different? How much easier would it be? How much time, energy, and frustration would be saved?

I believe that we can all do better with our communication, but it takes effort and new skills. I’ve set out to create a better way to communicate. It’s called Effectively Frank™.

What is Effectively Frank™? It’s saying things in straightforward way, without offending. It’s speaking respectfully AND being crystal clear.

I’ll be offering a series of workshops around Portland, Maine in the coming months. First up is Effectively Frank™: Authentic Communication Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs at the Women’s Business Center at CEI in Portland on June 20 from 8:30-10am. Click here more information and to register (only $25!).

Starting in late summer/fall 2014, I’ll be offering small group coaching for as low as $25 a month.

If you have an interest in workshops or coaching, or want to learn more, please contact me. I’ll be glad to hear from you!


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